THC for the Fifa World cup Holidays. How to safely Buy THC Vape Juice in Qatar and Other Muslim Countries Discreetly

When you’re looking for THC vape juice discreet shipping Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai and more, you’ll need to find a legit THC vape oil vendor with the best shipping policies. One such store is Delta8pods. We have provided a lot of information about their shipping policy, and we’re going to share all the details here in this article. 


Discreet shipping THC VAPE OIL

Discreet & FREE Shipping for THC Vapes Oil and Liquids

  • Discreet Vape Shipping
  • PACT Act
  • COVID Measures
  • Free Shipping Offer
  • International Discreet Vape Shipping
  • Order Tracking
  • Changing or Cancelling Orders
  • Lost or Undelivered Orders
  • Conclusion

It will include everything you need to know about their options for discreet shipping THC vapes to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai, Kuwait, Oman and more overseas. We’ll also tell you about their free vape discreet shipping options as well. Once you know all of this information, you’ll be able to order from their online store with complete confidence.

Discreet THC Vape Shipping

When you order a product from Delta8pods, you’ll get it delivered by DHL, Fedex or private mail, and Delta8pods won’t regard your purchase is finalized until shipping has commenced. Once it’s with the courier, it becomes their responsibility. 

Delta8pods provides a range of options for shipping, and whichever you choose won’t affect how quickly your order is placed. Most of the time we will process it within 24 hours, but depending on what you’ve ordered and the situation at the time, it can take 72 hours.

All of their packages are packaged discreetly using discrete methods. That means your neighbors and the local post office won’t know you’ve ordered vaping equipment. 

Hipping Policies For Discreet Shipping THC VAPE oil

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai, Omam, Kuwait and more, Are very strict on drug importation laws. It means Prevent All THC vape oils and Juice. It had a major effect on THC vape juice discreet shipping because it required all packages to have an Adult Signature. That means that a person aged 21 years or over with a valid ID needs to sign for your package. 

Because of this law, Delta8pods has had to stop shipping orders to certain states where they are not licensed. As a result, we ask our clients to sign for their packages or it will be returned and that can pose problems.

Discreet packaging THC Oil

COVID Measures When shipping THC Vape Juice Discreetly

Because of the pandemic, Delta8pods has had to take extra steps to ensure they can continue discreet vape shipping. The measures include paying their warehouse staff more money per hour during the pandemic because it helps them out and it’s morally right. They also clean all common areas in their warehouse, give out hand sanitizer, and encourage social distancing.

Free Shipping Offer When you buy THC VAPE OIL from Delta8pods

If you pay for more than $200 worth of products on Delta8pos’s store, and you’re ordering THC vape juice discreet shipping to anywhere in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai and more, then you’ll benefit from free shipping. You can occasionally use coupon codes, but these are subject to change. However, when you make a purchase, their website will automatically select the best method.

International Discreet THC/CBD Vape Shipping

Delta8pods also offers discreet vape shipping internationally, but it comes with some additional points to keep in mind. Your national laws will apply, so you’ll need to be familiar with these. When shipping overseas, it’s done with DHL. FedEx or USPS. If you’re ordering e-juice, then this will appear on a customs record.

If there are additional fees to pay for importing the product into your country, like customs or duty charges, then you’ll need to pay these. Sometimes, customs can hold a package and you won’t receive it. This is not something that Breazy can influence. 

They can ship via First Class International Mail, or via Express International Mail. You’ll get a tracking number for the former, but only while the package is inside the USA. This method can take up to three weeks, and customs may delay it.

For the latter option, the fee is based on weight and it can be tracked to your door. It usually takes 3-10 business days but can take up to 20 depending on customs.

Order Tracking for Discreet Shipping

Tracking the U.S. discreet vape shipping that Breazy engages in is done through the OneLive platform. You can click on a link on Delta8pods’s shipping page to find out where your package is. USPS packages also have a separate tracking facility linked on that page. 


Changing or Cancelling Orders

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll have 60 minutes in which to cancel it. After that time has passed, there is no guarantee that your order is cancellable, because Delta8pods may have started preparing it. You can’t alter an order once it has been placed, but you can cancel it and re-order if you do it within those 60 minutes.

THC VAPE OIL Discreet shipping

Lost or Undelivered Orders(THC Vape juice)

If your order isn’t delivered or gets lost in transit, We will not be responsible for them. However, they will do their best to help you with the situation. They may even decide to file a claim with the carrier used on your behalf, but they don’t make any guarantees about this as it’s solely their discretion. 


This article has covered every aspect of Delta8pods’s shipping policy. The key point to keep in mind is that they offer discreet vape shipping and they do it for free within Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE Dubai and more if you spend more than $200. This makes us a great choice if you’re ordering multiple vape pens.

They’re also clear about what can happen if you place an order for international delivery, and are clear about what states they’re currently unable to ship to. The average times it can take to ship have also been provided, which is helpful. That way, you’re well-informed when making an order.


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